Jiří Mráz

Jiří Mrázclarinet






He studied at the Conservatory in Teplice and in Prague. He continued his studies at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He also took clarinet courses in Austria and England. Later he returned to Teplice for several years, first as a solo clarinettist of the North Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Teplice, and second as a teacher at the local conservatory. As a clarinettist he worked in the Berg Chamber Orchestra in Prague.

Currently he performs as a soloist with various orchestras, he is a member of the chamber ensemble Konvergence, which specializes in the works by composers of the second half of the 20th century and contemporary authors. He performs a series of premieres with this ensemble as a chamber player, but he also interprets works written for the solo instrument.

He is engaged in alternative theatre where he works as a co-author and performer. The latest performance won the Prague Dance Festival award in 2008 for the most popular performance. He expands into other musical genres. He participated in recording the CD of the singer and actor Jan Budař, with whom he played at several concerts. As a member of the Agon Orchestra he performed with the underground group The Plastic People of the Universe. He performs as a stage player in various theatre productions, e.g. in the Vinohrady Theatre, the National Theatre or the Švandovo Theatre.

As a soloist and a chamber and orchestral musician he travelled over most European countries, the USA, Japan and China. He records for the Czech Radio and the Czech Television.


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