Benjamin, George: Viola, viola (1997) / for two violas

Breier, Albert: Weiße Elegie (2010) / for viola and piano

Feldman, Morton: The Viola in My Life III (1970) / for viola and piano

Chizy, Édith Canat de: En bleu et or (2005) / for viola and piano

Lutosławski, Witold: Grave (1981) / for violoncello and piano

Pálka, Tomáš: Sněhy, popely (2007) / for clarinet and narrator

Pálka, Tomáš: Svou violu jsem naladil co nejhlouběji (2009) / for solo viola with tape and dance

Pallas, Roman: Sedm /Seven/ – cycle of songs after F. G. Lorca (2000) / for female voice and piano

Pavelková, Blanka: Dram á 2 / for recitation and percussion

Plachká, Michaela: Skleněnky (2010) / for piano and violoncello

Resch, Gerald: Splitter (2001) / for female voice, clarinet and metronome

Reuter, Marcel: Infra la neve (2000) / for violin and piano

Rybář, Jan: Psychóza /Psychosis/ (2003) / for recitation and piano

Rybář, Jan: Ranní rozbřesky /Morning Daybreaks/ (2009) / for violin and celesta

Scelsi, Giacinto: Ko – Lho (1966) / for flute and clarinet

Smolka, Martin: Rubato (1995) / for violin and piano

Sommerová, Marie: Three pieces for flute and clarinet (2004)

Štochl, Ondřej: …okamžik předtím (2010) / for violin and piano

Toro-Pérez, Germán: Rulfo/voces III: Vacío el cielo azul (2004) / for viola and live electronics

Zemek, Pavel: Sonate (2002-3) / for viola and piano

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